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Range Rules

Range RulesMFS Holliston Location

  1. - The range availability is listed on our site.
  2. - Members must have a Mass firearms license to shoot unsupervised. Otherwise, members must be supervised by a Mass license holder.
  3. - Members must be at least 18 years old.
  4. - Members are allowed to bring 1 free guest with them on each visit. A second guest may be brought for a $15 fee. 
  5. - Member is responsible to oversee all guests shooting. Only one lane is to be used for members and their guest(s).
  6. - Only pistol caliber firearms and 12ga shotuns are allowed to be used in the range (.500 and .460, .17, 5.7mm are not permitted). 
  7. - All firearms must be inspected prior to entering the range. 12ga shotgun ammunition must be purchased from MFS.
  8. - Always point firearm's in a safe direction.
  9. - Always Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  10. - All actions must be open at all-time unless firearm is in a holster or when firing.
  11. - Members and guests must check in and out at the front counter.
  12. - Women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant are prohibited from entering the range.
  13. - MFS reserves the right to refuse access to the range if it is believed that someone is unsafe.
  14. - If unable to clear a malfunction keep firearm pointed down range and notify an MFS staff member.
  15. - Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while on the range.
  16. - Closed-toed footwear is required.
  17. - All Firing must be aimed...all rounds must hit the target.
  18. - All participants must complete a release of liability form.
  19. - Members will be financially responsible for damage to the facility caused by negligence or irresponsible behavior.
  20. - No professional firearms instruction is allowed, other than by MFS staff, without written permission from MFS.